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Our Services

We offer Software Solutions and Consulting Services for all industries; putting emphasis on highly usable, innovative designs that aren't just created to solve problems; but to propel CHANGE. We are thoroughly experienced in database management systems and currently maintain enterprise software systems for a number of clients who require large-scale DB-management and data migration services.

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Platform Development & Hosting

The LiveACID Team strives for innovation to design, develop and host responsive websites, mobile applications, and full Saas platforms for our clients. We also offer consulting services to improve or support existing software.

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The LiveACID Software Collection

Providing turnkey solutions; designed to integrate seamlessly with the industry’s leading ERP systems. Our in-house collection of software is built on the foundation of our core values: Automation, Connectivity, Innovation & Development. Every line of code we write is written to achieve the highest level of A.C.I.D.

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LiveACID Business Solutions

By combining our Software Solutions with strategic payment processing partners, LiveACID Software is able to provide its users with point-of-sale and data-commerce solutions tailored to individual business models.

Featured portfolio project

Our most popular work

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Charles D. Sheehy, Inc.

LiveACID currently maintains Charles D. Sheehy, inc.'s (CDSI) ERP system to facilitate development, modifications and database maintenance for all of their applications, including CDSiPipe, CDSiSign, & SIWarehousing.

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Plimpton & Hills Corporation

LiveACID Software consults with Plimpton & Hills on mobile application integrations for their in-house DBMS ERP system.

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LiveACID has conducted a thorough code quality review and consults with CommissionTrac on the full stack development and maintenance of their robust commercial real estate accounting platform.

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Hirsch Pipe & Supply

Hirsch Pipe is an early adopter of LiveACID's counter sale signature capture solution, LiveSignPOS. LiveACID software consults with Hirsch on the maintenance and continued development of that system.