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We offer Software Solutions and Consulting Services for all industries; putting emphasis on highly usable, innovative designs that aren't just created to solve problems; but to propel CHANGE. We are thoroughly experienced in database management systems and currently maintain enterprise software systems for a number of clients who require large-scale DB-management and data migration services.

Featured Clients

Our featured clientele.

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Charles D. Sheehy, Inc.

LiveACID currently maintains Charles D. Sheehy, inc.'s (CDSI) ERP system to facilitate development, modifications and database maintenance for all of their applications, including CDSiPipe, CDSiSign, & SIWarehousing.

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Plimpton & Hills Corporation

LiveACID Software consults with Plimpton & Hills on mobile application integrations for their in-house DBMS ERP system.

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LiveACID has conducted a thorough code quality review and consults with CommissionTrac on the full stack development and maintenance of their robust commercial real estate accounting platform.

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Hirsch Pipe & Supply

Hirsch Pipe is an early adopter of LiveACID's counter sale signature capture solution, LiveSignPOS. LiveACID software consults with Hirsch on the maintenance and continued development of that system.

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Bloom Bahamas

LiveACID developed and currently hosts & maintains Bloom's Flower Arrangement application to help Bloom Bahamas automate their process of creating flower arrangements

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DTG Worldwide

LiveACID Maintains and Hosts DTG Worlwide's web platform. We also offer consulting services on their VAR sales and developments of DTG's ERP platform.

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LiveACID is currently developing and hosting RUN/SUP's entire affiliate platform that will be used to manage R/S affiliate locations and give customers access to sign up for R/S fitness classes and purchase R/S merchandise & fitness gear.

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LiveACID provides ColoradoTruckie with website hosting services and is currently developing and hosting ColoradoTruckie's food truck POS Platform and database.

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Dash Solutions

LiveACID is facilitating the development of Dash's Cyber security and HIPPA compliance platform for the public cloud.

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Elite Speed Sports Performance

LiveACID is hosting, developing, and maintaining Elite Speed's website, full training & scheduling platform, and athlete connect application.

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Denver 3D Print Company

LiveACID Developed, hosts and Maintains a fully customized Point-Of-Sale and Customer Portal Platform for Denver 3D Print Company's that integrates with the their LiveACID Developed and hosted Website.

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Ninja Nation

LiveACID is developing, maintaining, and hosting Ninja Nations gamified athlete portal, along with their fully integrated website and point-of-sale system. We have established data integrations between their athlete portal and RFID video and time capture system.