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We offer Software Solutions and Consulting Services for all industries; putting emphasis on highly usable, innovative designs that aren’t just created to solve problems; but propel CHANGE. We are thoroughly experienced in database management systems and currently maintain enterprise software systems for a number of clients who require large-scale DB-management and data migration services.

Our Services

The LiveACID Team strives for innovation to design, develop and host responsive websites, mobile applications, and full Saas platforms for our clients. We also offer consulting services to improve or support existing software.

Join the LiveACID Community and partner with our team to develop and host your new website or application platform. We offer full design, development, and hosting services and welcome you to work closely with our team every step of the way.

Our hosting service enables you to host your new website or application platform on our fully supported and managed LiveACID ZION Servers.

Our development services can be offered either at a quoted rate based on the project scope of work, or – if we feel like the project will be a good addition to the LiveACID Software Series – we are open to establishing partnership opportunities to offset lowered development costs for our clients.

Business Solutions for the Innovator: 

By combining our custom Software Solutions with strategic Payment Processing partners, LiveACID Software is able to provide its users with point-of-sale, data-commerce & administrative tools tailored to individual business models.

We have developed custom business solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Flight chartering services
  • Whole sale distribution and manufacturing
  • Gym membership and personal training
  • Retail & restaurant point-of-sale

Providing turnkey solutions; designed to integrate seamlessly with the industry’s leading ERP systems. Our in-house collection of software is built on the foundation of our core values: Automation, Connectivity, Innovation & Development. Every line of code we write is written to achieve the highest level of A.C.I.D.

LiveACID Software offers consulting services to manage and maintain Enterprise applications, Database Management systems, and Saas platforms. We offer reliable technological support to all of our clients in industries where customer data is a highly valuable asset.

We help our clients achieve successful software related developments and modifications including: data migrations, enterprise system modifications, and network API structure designs.

LiveACID is highly experienced in database architecture, Enterprise software installations and migrations, and application interface integration.

Contact us at: [email protected] to inquire about our consulting services and to receive project based pricing for your company’s specific needs.

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